Introducing JBoss AS7!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the immediate availability of JBoss AS7.

AS7 was built from the ground up with fresh focus on modularity, memory usage, performance, start-up time, easy of configuration, and management.

AS7.0 has been certified for Java EE 6 Web Profile.  Full Java EE certification is planned for the 7.1 release.

Get it now!

As far as clustering support in AS7, this is a work in progress.  Here’s a breakdown of the clustering features present in AS6, and the projected availability in AS7.x:

AS7.0 AS7.1
Distributed web sessions
mod_cluster support HA singleton instrumentation
Clustered JPA 2nd-level cache
Clustered SFSBs
Session EJB failover
HA Singleton
Farming Superseded by domain management

Documentation can be found here:

I’m still working on the High-Availability Guide, so hold tight!  In the meantime, you can direct any questions to the forums.